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My Links My default home page with links I use daily
About Greg Who am I and where did I come from
  Journal My Journal Entries... started 7/30/00
  Pictures Some pictures of me
  Boat My little weekend get away
  Sail Boat She use to be our family house in France
  Cars My previous and new SUV
WebCams My WebCam systems
  Home WebCam Live 24/7 webcam from Home
  Streaming Video Live audio/video 24/7 stream from Home
Communication Ways to communicate
  Chat You might catch me in my Chat Room
  AIM "DiverGreg" On AOL Instant Messenger
  NetMeeting At times I use Microsoft Video Conference NetMeeting
Streaming Video  
  NetShow A NetShow page with a few of my arhcived video
  Real A Real Player with a few of my Archived Video
Work Work related links
  SRV6 Some of what I do
  BroadCasting Some picture from different location
  NetShow info Information on Netshow
  Schedule Past and Upcoming WebCasting events
Video Archives Some of the work I have done in the past
  ProWebCast 1999, 2000 Broadcast I have performed
  Ovn 1999 Broadcast working with OVN
  JustSurfit What Started it all JustSurfit 1996-98
Help & Info General Information on
  WebCam System Links of equipment software needed to webcast
  Chat Help using my Chat Server
  Rules Chat Room Rules
  Search UW Search UnderWeb for keywords
  View Entries View my GuestBook entries
  Add Add your own comment to my Guestbook
E-Mail How to Contact me with E-Mail and more...

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