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My Interactive Video Audio & Chat Work Listing

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or click here to see JustSurfit archives (1996 to 98)

How I started webcasting:

In 1996 I combined a mobile interactive Video Audio and Chat broadcast from my house and while working at Justsurfit.
Quickly becoming one of the best production on the net, my first Live Broadcast started at Bootlegger early 97 with the help and support of coworkers Victor and Brian.

In 1999 I joined OVN and kept my idea and broadcasted mainly boxing events for Boxingonline and a few other events.

In September 1999 I started working with ProWebCast. Brian Crawford Matt and a few other joined us. Continuing webcasting now all over the USA and even went to Cannes France for the Film Festival.

In October 2000, I decided to slow down somewhat and started to work for TheHelp Network networking non-profit organizations. Soon more webcast from different charities event will be available.

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