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a Long time ago Me and my Cat
HiYa'll Doing !!
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About Gregory Bouchet
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I was born in 1962 and raised in Cannes, France.
At the age of 20, I decided to try the American adventure, starting by sailing from my home town Cannes to Ft Lauderdale in 9 months (click here for more info)

Shortly after being established here in the US, I was drafted in the French Army, but I did not feel like going back to France for 1 year of French service, so instead I joined the US Army for 3 years.... Not so bad, I was assigned in Hawaii for 2 1/2 years! Who would complain! We deployed to Korea and Japan, it was a real nice experience over all...

After that, I went to school and got a job as a technician for Hill-Rom, a company based in Indiana. Spent a few years with them, taking care of equipment from one hospital to an other and towards the end based at Mercy Hospital in Miami.

I started to get interested in this new blooming Internet thing making my first site and than working part time for JustSurfit where I got very involved and developed one of the first Live interactive Video audio and ChatRoom webcast started from Bootlegger's early 1997.

In September that year, I left Hill-Rom and started working full time with JustSurfit, operating all the webcams and specialized in the Live Event Broadcast.

Trying to push this Internet Broadcast further, in Jan 1999 I went with Online Video Network, a company that specialize in high bandwidth transfer for live broadcast and continued now streaming Live video and audio. In September 1999 OVN basically closed down and Crawford Grimsley, Brian Slusarz started ProWebcast and I became a partner with them. This went through the year of the “Dot Com” and like many others did not make the big $$.

October 2000, I was offered a very nice salary and decided to take a different road, working for TheHelp.NetWork, helping non-profit make money using the Internet. About a year later we started MarlinProductions in Orlando, equipped with 10 production studios and a very nice Control Room, and In June 2002 they decided to close and sale all the equipment!
So I am back home in Ft Lauderdale now working for VBC Studios.
Me and my Fifille This is "FiFille" my little girl, I found her by my car one night and I just had to keep her.... she is been wonderful and always around me or with me... she now is a full size playful trouble maker. I love her to death !!! Fifille
Picture of my Motorcycle Do you ever feel the need for speed? well at time I used to... Thank God it's was an Old one... I didn't get to go tooooo fast, but I loved it when my lady held on to me! I do miss riding !!!
So now I go boating :)
My next Birthday Sep 25th is
Now Visit My Guestbook and you have to sign it.... :)

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